Thinknovate is elBullifoundation’s spin-off. Specialised in innovation, it makes the Sapiens methodology accessible to the field of business and facilitates its application.

Innovating involves enriching projects with new prospects and dimensions that add value and meaning. We make this happen using the Sapiens methodology, which incorporates new techniques and tools that we develop and customise for each business to yield a beneficial impact.

Our experience working alongside Ferran Adrià in the Foundation allows us to transfer this knowledge to people and organisations, supporting them and organically promoting innovation as a driving force for change, to achieve new and better results.

To perceive is to understand is our principle. To understand in order to innovate is our goal. We mean understanding beyond the intellectual, analytical and rational, which embraces all the nuances of the sensorial, the intuitive and the emotional. Thinknovate combines both perspectives to gain a holistic vision of business.


The services we offer allow us to understand the people, projects, sectors and organisations we work for, tackling creation and innovation in an open, lateral, as well as a systematic and focused manner.


Sorting to be able to unsort, disconnecting from the conventional to connect with new perspectives, conceptualising through knowledge. Thinknovate is equipped with specific techniques and tools that apply Sapiens in work related to creation and innovation.


We apply Sapiens strategically to organisational projects to improve organisations’ understanding and influence better decision making and results efficiency. We have developed a new specific tool, the Company Identity Document, and we also work from a new perspective on conventional documents such as the Strategic Marketing Plan and the Business Plan.


Museums and exhibitions on the organisational front are a means to preserve and spread their legacy, as well as to culturally present and promote a certain related field or issue. Using Sapiens and the application of other services such as archiving, taxonomic classification and auditing, we convey an organisation’s historic or cultural value through a different, unique, pertinent, meaningful discourse.

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Mastering the Sapiens methodology has allowed us to sort, connect and thoroughly understand knowledge, facilitating its exchange so that other people and organisations can apply it on a daily basis. We have developed programmes, courses, workshops and conferences, customised according to the sector or activity area, achieving greater connection and proximity. We also create customised programmes (in company).


Sapiens is a study, research and analysis methodology aimed at gathering and connecting information, and thereby generating new knowledge.
This methodology came into being in Ferran Adrià’s elBullirestaurante. It emerged from a willingness to reflect on what they were doing. The Sapiens principles that were applied there, although the methodology had not yet been systematised, were part of the keys to its success.

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Sucess stories

Our unfettered dedication to the projects we work on opens doors for us, not only to contribute value and efficient and sustainable tools to organisations, but to integrate learning and to keep growing. We have carried out successful projects with a wide range of companies. We would like to share some of these projects with you.

Our clients

These are some of the organisations that have come to us to jointly develop their innovation, management, training or museum-exhibition projects, applying the Sapiens methodology.