Eighty four per cent of executives believe that innovation is extremely important. Nevertheless, only 6% are satisfied with how they are innovating (Source: McKinsey Report, 2017).
Being familiar with and applying the most appropriate innovation techniques and tools is the best recipe for improving innovation in organisations. Innovation Auditing is one of them.
Specialised and customised workshops, such as those we hold for Prodigioso Volcán clients, provide the necessary learning to self-critically analyse their innovation projects.

Creative and Innovation Auditing Workshop

Workshops, Seminars and Conferences

Shall we evaluate how we develop innovation strategies? ElBulli’s experience allows us to draw lessons that can be replicated in our projects.

Often when we are engaged in a project in which innovation plays a major role, we focus on developing the best ideas and on being as disruptive as possible. But there are times, along the way, when we ignore many other highly relevant aspects that could be improved.

In the practical Innovation Auditing workshop, we found a fundamental tool to learn how to retrace the steps of your innovative projects, pointing out the successes achieved, but, above all, identifying weaknesses to foster continued improvement.

In this session, like in all the sessions we hold, we use the Sapiens methodology (understanding to innovate) as a basis, which we complement with practical activities to consolidate learning in a dynamic and interactive manner.