The Thinknovate Catalogue

The Thinknovate catalogue of services is classified into four dimensions: Innovation, Management, Training and Museum-Exhibition.

Sapiens supports us in the manner in which we approach and execute projects. It is a methodology whose differential value has been recognised and that yields proven results and benefits.

The services we offer allow us to understand the people, projects, sectors and organisations we work for, tackling creation and innovation in an open, lateral, as well as a systematic and focused manner.




A place in which to ascertain and understand the meaning of an organisation’s existence and its contribution to society.

We contribute to the development of exhibition projects – whether permanent or temporary, physical, digital or in any other format – by applying the Sapiens methodology that will determine the arrangement of content under taxonomic categories. This means that the sorting and organisation of the information are carried out on the basis of a rigorous study of container and content, taking the space-time framework into account.

Projects we have worked on:

LABulligrafía on-line and off-line (elBullifoundation)

Corporate Museums

Corporate Museums

Every organisation has the capacity to generate culture.

We use museum language and the Sapiens methodology to bring a company’s knowledge and legacy to society.

One of our commitments is the creation of cultural facilities within the organisation, incorporating museum language in order to reach its audiences and clients.