LABulligrafía is an on-going macro project that brings together all the information and bibliography of 50 years of elBullirestaurante. It is also a content library and a space for the study of Creation and Innovation.

We use innovation auditing and exhibitions as working tools, as well as elBullirestaurante’s macro innovation archive.


Innovation Archive, Creative and Innovation Auditing

LABulligrafía on-line is a virtual space with a digital archive in which thousands of pages of content, images, videos, documents, etc., provide an insight into the history of elBulli, Ferran Adrià and his fellow leaders, connecting projects, sectors, interdisciplinary relations… A concise example that allows us to understand how an SME, with limited resources, could exert such a significant influence on a discipline on a global scale.

This digital project is complemented by a second analogue-exhibition dimension, which is made up of thousands of objects with a new concept of sorting, cataloguing, digitising and exhibiting in a planned space exceeding 6,000 m2. It features an account of the creative and innovative evolution of elBullirestaruante, on the basis of innovation auditing.

This project is unique because…

Never before has a restaurant had a museum.
Never before have the archive and library been combined with the exhibition.Never before has the digital part been structured according to the evolution of innovation in an organisation.