To perceive is to understand

“…We decided to come at the mountain from another angle and to strive to reach the top from perhaps a riskier, steeper path that calls for more time or more effort. Because we know that, once at the top, we will be able to contemplate unprecedented views that will even change our perspective of the world, of how we had viewed it until then.”

That is how we tackle the path and overcome its challenges. A particular way of doing things that stems from our essence.

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Perceiving is turning the noise of the environment into understanding.

To understand you have to perceive. And perceiving encompasses two stages: one that is more intellectual, which entails delving deep, relating, contextualising, interpreting, comparing, associating, identifying… And another, more sensorial phase, which calls for intuition, sensitivity and intelligence linked to experience.

Every new project is an opportunity to understand based on the perception of the stimuli generated by the environment, and to afford them meaning.

And we move towards this goal from six angles: analysis, the past, the present, intuition, inspiration, and the future. All of them, together with our values, form the basis for our philosophy and identity.

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Analysing what we perceive allows us to deconstruct and decompose it, to thereby determine its “genes” and the relationships that are built.

Analysis is paramount in any project. It helps us to understand, to execute appraisals and to draw conclusions in each of its phases. Our analytical approach combines rationality, conscientiousness and rigour with an open mind and critical thinking. In addition to understanding, we question and seek our own perspective, in order to find answers with solid foundations.

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Beyond the information lies the soul of the project, which tells us its truth.

Analytical assessment is necessary to understand and make decisions, but it does not suffice. We human beings have an immediate understanding that cannot be ignored. And it does not follow intellect, but rather intuition. The role of intuition, albeit intangible, makes the difference, reinforcing or overriding any decision based on information.

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We nurture inspiration with active observation, boundless curiosity and imagination.

Inspiration is a gush of light that generates bright, original and genuine ideas. It is the source that fosters creation and innovation. And although it is usually spontaneous, we can endeavour to kindle it. Surrounding yourself with stimuli, interesting people and projects, new experiences and keeping an open mind nurtures inspiration.

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Past and Present

We look to the past to understand the present and move towards the future with optimism.

Knowledge of the past is crucial for undertaking a project, creating a product or understanding an organisation or a discipline. How can we tell we are creating something new if we are not aware of what already exists?

We pursue friendly revolutions, which respect and admire what already exists, its origin and the context in which it was created. From there we can question and criticise, with a constructive purpose in mind at all times.

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We learn from the past and fully inhabit the present to take the right direction towards the future.

Thinking about the future is imagining things and situations that have not yet been perceived by the senses. Our imagination is forever optimistic and maps out meaningful futures for our clients and projects.

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We are motivated by integrity, passion, commitment to excellence, the pursuit of happiness and sharing it in solidarity with others.

These values are the cornerstones with which we approach new projects and challenges. Thanks to them, every opportunity to create and innovate is translated into the firm commitment to building meaningful futures for our clients.