Thinknovate and Sapiens: Connecting Knowledge

Sapiens is a study, research and analysis methodology aimed at gathering and connecting information, and thereby generating new knowledge.


This methodology came into being in Ferran Adrià’s elBullirestaurante. It emerged from a willingness to reflect on what they were doing. The Sapiens principles that were applied there, although the methodology had not yet been systematised, were part of the keys to its success.

“At elBullirestaurante we have always sought to understand.
Understanding gives us freedom to create.” Ferran Adrià

The Sapiens methodology was then systematised, conceptualised, developed and applied intensively at elBullifoundation. It was a process of researching and pursuing its theoretical foundations and basis for reflection on the accumulated experience.

 “The key is connecting knowledge. If we connect knowledge and turn into wisdom, we will be able to understand. And if we understand, we will create and innovate better.” Ferran Adrià

Sapiens Mindset

Sapiens to perceive and understand the world. And also to rethink it.

Sapiens is the prism through which to perceive and understand the world, a different way of thinking and rethinking the world, with a certain mindset and a different logic.

Accessible, simple, for everyone and for everything. We apply this model to Thinknovate’s cornerstones, methodologies and procedures because we are well versed with it and have verified its effectiveness and efficiency in situ.

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Holistic Vision

Can cooking be art? Can you cook with an artistic mindset?

A global perspective, from all possible angles, allows new, unconventional aspects to be discovered, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue.

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Questioning the Status Quo

Why does soup have to be liquid?

Unlearn to relearn. Ask ourselves questions and rethink everything with an open mind, challenging our own beliefs.


Scientific Mindset

Why don’t warm jellies exist? Which chemical processes are involved?

Curiosity, constant observation and empiricism. The permanent search for the “whys and wherefores” of things, critical thinking and rigour in research.


Sorting and Connecting Knowledge

Can we organise gastronomic resources in a manner that proves useful and understandable to the restaurateur?

Classifying and creating taxonomies, as well as agreeing on a lingo conducive to understanding.

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Efficiency in Implementation

1,846 disruptive culinary innovations in 25 years

In each project, the depth of the analysis is defined according to the resources and the time available, without sacrificing rigour and quality.

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Avoiding Dogmatism

“Our mission to lead the way and share, not give lessons.” Ferran Adrià

Things are not black or white. Reality supports many shades of grey.

Thinknovate + Sapiens

The application of Sapiens in organisations and projects can meet various objectives: understanding the organisation, creating taxonomic categories, managing and archiving information, such as a creative meta-technique, or applying creative and innovation auditing, to name but a few of the goals.

Based on the original methodology, at Thinknovate we have created our own and exclusive tool that facilitates its application to any project.

Sapiens Methods

Sapiens has five methods that allow us to study, research, understand and connect knowledge in any project. In this way, projects can be approached from new perspectives and differential results can be achieved.