We are elBullifoundation’s spin-off. Specialised in innovation, we make the Sapiens methodology accessible to the field of business and facilitate its application.

We work for people and organisations, helping them evolve through understanding and knowledge, promoting innovation as a driving force for change in the pursuit of new and better results.

In turn, we act as an agent for research and the dissemination of knowledge, resources and new models of innovation in society.

Our Perspective

Our goal is to build meaningful futures for people and organisations.

For Thinknovate, innovation, our leitmotiv, is not just a set of systems, processes and tasks. Innovation activity is holistic. It extends to the body, the mind and the spirit; it rejects dogmas; and it fosters efficiency, solidarity, sustainability and transformation.

We want to facilitate the innovation activity of our client organisations by becoming a part of their teams.

Our work is underpinned by critical, constructive, creative and ethical thinking to set our clients apart in the market.

We make sense of the need for change in a constantly evolving world, by using our own and exclusive methods and tools developed alongside Ferran Adrià, a world leader in innovation and the mastermind behind the Sapiens methodology.

How It All Began

Thinknovate was born from the friendship between its two founding partners: Sílvia Timón and Sílvia Sánchez.

Nothing is more powerful than the imagination. Childhood friends, we shared dreams and aspirations, adventures and a boundless curiosity that, added to our studies, professional careers and life experiences, have become the venture we are committed to today: Thinknovate.

Both of us founders come from the financial business world. We have first-hand knowledge of the inner workings of companies. We have grown together in the fields of strategy, management, marketing and innovation in a big company, gaining a clear business and results-oriented vision, without losing sight of the importance and attention needed by the different stakeholders in every company.

We have also shared the privilege of working with Ferran Adrià and being part of his team at elBullifoundation. Working alongside this creative genius, becoming acquainted with and applying his tools has changed our life, to the point of altering our way of perceiving and understanding the world around us.

And this is how we came to dedicate our profession to innovation. To sharing and fostering innovation in people, organisations and society, leveraging the strength of our professional experience in the field of business and marketing and our unrivalled training with Adrià in the development of added-value projects in the Foundation.

We love what we do. And it is when the exchange of knowledge is mindful, generous and well targeted that the journey towards change begins!

Thinknovate is the outcome of our own transformation.

The path of any innovation process begins by asking ourselves questions, nurturing a new perspective and diving into the unknown.

On a daily basis in the Foundation we can explore multiple realities and put ourselves in the shoes of the artist, the scientist, the chef, the academic, the historian, the journalist, the architect, the designer or the small or big entrepreneur. It is a privilege learning from them and their techniques, and giving ourselves the time and space to reflect amidst the frenzied and stifled reality of the business world.

And this brings us to the crux of the matter: connecting knowledge, which enhances our experience and capacity for understanding that is key to supporting our clients in accomplishing their goals and objectives through a mindset and an action plan based on innovation.


Silvia Sánchez Solaz

Silvia Sánchez Solaz

Founding partner

Silvia Timón

Silvia Timón

Founding partner

Network of Collaborators

Thinknovate is backed by high-quality professional and human networks. Each and every one of our collaborators helps us to improve and to connect our knowledge, in pursuit of successful and sustainable projects.

  • Logotipo elBullifoundation

    elBullifoundation is a private foundation chaired by Ferran Adrià that emerged from the need to transform elBullirestaurante. Its mission is to continue fostering innovation and creation through the language of cuisine, to uphold and protect the legacy and spirit of elBulli, and to share knowledge with society.

  • Prodigioso Volcán is a strategic consulting firm that helps companies and media outlets with innovative communication strategies, the design of multi-device projects, the visualisation of complex information and the production of quality content. They are pioneers in the application of Clear Communication in all kinds of formats and documents.

  • Itineraria is a studio dedicated to content development for informative, physical and virtual exhibitions for all sorts of organisations and spaces. It works on the conceptualisation, structuring and production of creative ideas based on research, analysis, concept generation, preparation of materials, archiving and cataloguing following the Sapiens methodology.

  • ADN Sapiens is a spin-off of elBullifoundation formed by Bullinianos experts in the development and application of the Sapiens methodology through practical and dynamic workshops in which they work with maps created especially by the Sapiens methodology from Manual Thinking, a queen that facilitates tasks such as planning, the generation of ideas and the capture of decisions.

    Our mission is to share this knowledge to help mainly companies and professionals to achieve different and creative results in their projects.