The application of the Sapiens methodology to the activity of food delivery has made it possible to investigate and understand this exciting channel as never before, placing a special focus on its sustainability, both economic and social and environmental.

With the Sapiens of Food Delivery of AECOC, the Association of Manufacturers and Distributors, a study has been developed that has made it possible to connect and generate knowledge to share with the Association’s partners, related sectors and society in general, through value-added activities and services.

Sapiens del Food Delivery


Food delivery is a complex and very dynamic ecosystem that is experiencing accelerated growth and evolution and that has an impact on different economic sectors. Information about food delivery was scattered and disaggregated. The application of the Sapiens methodology in this project has allowed the current and future scenario to be analyzed and deepened from a 360º and holistic perspective.

Sapiens of Food Delivery is aimed at all the agents of this food delivery ecosystem, from the big restaurant, distribution and manufacturer brands, to the technological platforms, entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs in the sector. In this project they will be able to find the accumulated knowledge of this activity as it had not been shown yet, as well as the key aspects for its profitability and sustainability.

This great research project has resulted in very useful applications for all agents in the sector, such as a new book from the Bullipedia, elBullifoundation’s encyclopedia of gastronomy; a Food Delivery Calculator, an innovative financial tool to help decision-making or Conferences and training sessions, among others.